Monday, August 24, 2009

Copper Lake

Nikki and I hiked 35 miles through the North Cascade Wilderness. It all Started on Saturday Morning.. We woke up grabbed our packs, and headed for the Ranger Station, and then with a back country permit in hand we were off for the Trail Head. We started our hike around 11am. Our first leg was a 4 mile climb up to the top of Hannagan Pass. From There we hiked another 6.2 miles along the chilliwack River to a campground called U.S. Cabins. This part of the hike was through the forest and was very quite. At one point Nikki screamed when a deer jumped out in front of her, thinking it was a bear!

Sunday Morning we woke up, packed up and hit the trail by 8:30. Today would be our hardest day. We had to hike 12.7 miles, the first 5.2 miles which was fairly flat. During that leg we had to cross Brush Creek which had a great cable car, and then Indian Creek which had a great wobbly suspension bridge. At the end of the 5.2 miles we were at the base of a 4000 foot climb. We stopped to have lunch and watch lots of salmon swimming in the Chilliwack river spawning. Next we hike up 4000 feet over 7.2 miles. We arrived at our campground at around 6:30 for a quick dinner and then off to a good night sleep!

Monday Morning we woke up early to a low 30's Temperature. The condensation on the tent was frozen (yes ice on our tent in august!) I was also pretty much frozen in my 40 degree sleeping bag. But the sky was clear and when the sun came out we warmed up real fast. We left camp around 7:30, the trail kept going up about another 900 feet to the copper ridge lookout tower. From there you could see mountains all around you, it was absolutely incredible. We could see Mt. Baker, Mt. Larrabee (Which we had hiked too the weekend prior) as well as Mt. Redoubt, Bear Mountain, Ruth Mountain and Indian Mountain. We then hiked along the ridgeline for another 5 or so miles before we dropped back into the Chilliwack river valley and then back over Hannagan pass and finally to our car at around 3:30. We had a great time but were throughrly exhaused and sore. All in all we hiked 35 miles with a little over 10K feet elevation gain! Enjoy the Pictures!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mt. Larrabee

Today Nikki and I drove up the Mt. Baker highway to forest road 3065. We then drove the little Honda Civic up 7 miles of steep, windy, and rough gravel, finally arriving at the beautiful Twin Lakes. From there we hiked up trail 676 to High pass. We had amazing views of Mt. Larrabee as well as Tomyhoi Peak, Mt. Baker and Shuksan to name a few.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mt. St. Helens

We had an awesome day hiking to the top of Mt. St. Helen's. It is a hardest 4.5 mile hike but very worth it. The crater was breathtaking. My grandma who is 82 mad it 1200 feet from the top, AMAZING!!!! My dads cousin who is 72 made it to the summit, and my second cousin who is 5.5 months pregnant also made it to the top so congratulations to them!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nikkis Blog!

Here is link to Nikki's Blog! I know that it is cooler than mine but what did you expect.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Panoramic of Baker Lake

Here is a combination of 5 Pictures!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baker Lake

Nikki and I just got back from an awesome overnight backpacking trip on baker lake. We Left on Saturday morning, it took just over an hour to get there. We first stopped at a campground 4 miles in but wanted to keep going to the campground at 10 miles. When we got there we were very tired and the campground was full of some fisherman. So we hiked another 2 tiring long miles to the campground 12 miles from where we had started! We had a nice dinner of Sweet and Sour pork with rice (thank you Mountain House) as we sat coldly next to our fire.

On Sunday we arose to be very cold, had a delightful breakfast of oatmeal, with raisins and brown Sugar and started our hike back. The first 8 miles went quick but the last four were pretty tiring!!

Here are some pics of our trip!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Banana Bread

So I made some banana Bread this evening. It turned out pretty good, perhaps I need to use another banana Next time (I only used 3).

Here is the recipe that I used

Thank you for all of the people in the past who have inspired me with their delicious banana bread, especially you Mackenzie!


This is a tulip picture that I edited, twisted and find ridiculously cool.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tulips and Traffic

This Weekend Nikki and I drove to Mt. Vernon and saw the tulips and then took a 1 hour plane ride over Bellingham and the tulips! It was pretty sweet. I got to navigate the plane for about a minute in a straight flat path.. Pretty Boring.. But still fun. The picture of the tulip field from the air is the same field that the tulip pictures came from.
Enjoy the pics

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My New Blog

So after Myspace, and Facebook I have now decided to venture into the world of having my own blog. Finally nobody can throw sheep at me, and everytime I upload a new picture 134 people wont get another annoying email. So if you are reading this I hope my dialgue and adventures will inspire greatness and thought so you are not just completly wasting your time reading another stupid blog. I hope to keep it updated often with the small unimportant highlights of my adventures and inspirations.
Until Next Time